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Bass is the most popular freshwater fish in America. The ideal temperature to catch bass is 58-75F, the best tip for catching bass is to fish in shaded areas with no direct sunlight that is where they hunt on their pray. Bass is an aggressive territorial fish that will attack others in their territory. Their whole body acts like an ear so you better stay quiet if you want to catch it. Adult bass mostly hunts on small fish such as perch and minnows but can also hunt on crayfish, frogs, and aquatic birds. Bass can be as heavy as 3kg- 10kg.


Catfish are predatory fish that hunt on fish, mammals, and even birds and can be found in fast flowing rivers, shallow salt water or in underwater caves. There are over 3000 species of catfish around the world and they range from a few centimeters to up to 3metres in length.


Crappie is a freshwater fish and a native fish to North America. They can be found in lakes and large rivers. Crappie feed on microscopic prey such as insects and flies. The average weight of this fish is 1.2kg but they can get as big as 2.5kg. Crappie are easy to find so make sure you pick the right lure before you head out on a hunt.


Northern Pike is a territorial and aggressive predator that hunts on fish, ducks, birds, frogs and other pikes. An average pike is 1metre in length and weighs 10 kilograms and can get as big as 40 kilograms 2 meters long. This predator lives and hunts near the shores of lakes and rivers, pike loves cooler waters so during the summer it migrates into deeper waters.


Most salmon are born in freshwater where the reproduce and later migrate. Most salmon can be found in the Pacific and Atlantic ocean as well as inland lakes such as the great lakes. In general, young salmon eat insects, and plankton whereas adults eat other fish, squid, and shrimp. Size of salmon can range from 4 to 110 pounds.


Trout are predators and will eat almost anything they can catch. Trout size can range from 0.5 to 2.3 kg. Trout is a freshwater fish and can be found in most American lakes and rivers with a water temperature of 10-16c. Trout love to hunt other fish, insects, worms, and leeches.

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